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It is also an easy way to communicate if you have questions or something is hard to wrap your head around.

An example where this might be useful: a dear colleague, a senior classical homeopath just wrote to me (he shall remain nameless for reasons which will become obvious) saying “WTF is a cosmic unicycle?” I simply replied that he “should RTFM … Read The Flipping Manual” and recommended that he have a look at the website where all would be revealed!

At first glance, it all seems unusual. As soon as we understand the idea of “Balancing In The Now” – as on a unicycle – it makes a lot more sense.




A new eBook is also just about ready to go up onto the website

A refreshingly different way to look at and understand Assertiveness and how important it is for us all to Master.

There is altogether too much BULLYING in this World … and it is about time it changed. We are ALL being BULLIED, ABUSED , TYRANNISED and MANIPULATED by greedy, weak and frightened people.

No sane, balanced person would ever treat another person in this way.

FEAR is the opposite of LOVE and the GOOD NEWS is that there are more of us decent people than there are of these spiritual cripples. (Bless them!)


Rant Spoiler!


We need to VOTE FOR US – WE THE PEOPLE – by STANDING UP FOR OURSELVES and those WEAKER THAN OURSELVES in a calm, decent and ASSERTIVE way. The alternative leads us straight back to the crazed chaos that exists.

We truly do not have a choice if we wish to leave a different world  for generations to come.

We have to ASSERT our RIGHT to be treated decently and fairly.


(All that isn’t in the eBook!)